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Welcome Aboard!

Warm Welcome to our Sales Head 

We are excited to announce a new addition to the VA Networks family. Introducing, MJ Abraham, who would be our ambassador and Sales Head – A2P Messaging for PAN India Field Sales, Services, and Support. In this role, MJ will head up our PAN India sales vertical, helping our customers to continue to expand and grow with VA Networks.

To give a brief familiarization about MJ, he demonstrates a commendable history of working in the information technology and services industry, ever since he has kicked off his career. Skilled in, entrepreneurship, team Building, and management, MJ is well known for strong sales acumen. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) focusing on Sales, Marketing and General Management from Albertian Institue of Management. 

MJ has been a veteran in the arena of A2P messaging, which has been his core passion ever since he has known the facts and tricks of Bulk Messaging Solutions. His charming and witty nature in addition to his eagerness to understand client needs, has given him the opportunity to sell and execute hundreds of SMS campaigns during elections, festive promotions across India, corporate product launches, galas and much more. He is also a favorite among Interns across Kerala, motivating and inspiring them to bring out the best in them and to go out there and experience the perils of being a successful sales personnel, demonstrating on the job examples.

MJ quotes, “I genuinely have a love for people and connecting with others. Being able to have the opportunity to build relationships and deliver clients with unparalleled customer service is what keeps me going.” We’re thrilled that MJ brings this passion and an extensive knowledge of sales pitch drives him in his new Sales Head role. Our team looks forward to working with him and tapping into his creative spirit.

We are delighted that MJ has decided to join our bandwagon. He will be on the road soon, meeting with as many customers and partners as possible. Please join us in welcoming him to Team VA Networks!

- Team VA Networks


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